Booklets are gems of information and wisdom in a small, impressive package. ChangeAgents can produce a custom one that suits your specific business or organization needs. Alternately, you can use one from our own VERB IT series. Here are some ways that you can use a booklet to promote your business or cause:

Enter into an agreement with ChangeAgents that permits you to place your company or organization’s logo on the cover and then:

  1. Give a booklet to your customers or donors as a “Thank You” for their business and support
  2. Offer this free with any purchase or contribution, fusing a certain time with a certain purpose
  3. Offer this booklet to new customers or donors when they open an account or make a donation.
  4. Distribute this booklet to prospects at a trade show or at fundraising events
  5. Give this booklet as an incentive for completing a questionnaire or survey
  6. Package this booklet as a value-added premium with
    your product
  7. Present this booklet to the first “X” number of people to enter a draw or who come to your store
  8. Provide copies of this booklet to people and organizations that can/do refer business to you
  9. Give copies to your employees, suppliers and others who contribute to your success