About You

ChangeAgents People Profile

  • Have knowledge, talents, ideas, interests and possibilities AND want to transform them into tangible, marketable intellectual property
  • Need to finish something AND get on with the rest of you life
  • Are smart and practical AND creative and curious
  • Want to make small changes AND have big results
  • Are doing well AND want to do better
  • Know what needs to be done (or not) AND need support and structures to do it
  • Have achieved many realistic goals AND now want to go for purposeful meaning
  • Want to make more money AND have a positive impact
    in the world
  • Want their changes to be positive life evolutions AND to have fun in the process
  • Want the excitement of diversity AND the harmony of connection in their work and personal lives
  • Are willing to do the work AND to invest the resources - time, energy, imagination, money- required to achieve their desired results

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