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Development Coaching

Coaching is a relatively new profession that draws its power from its focus on client-initiated change. The core premise is “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. ChangeAgents Coaching is a co-active adventure based on the clients’ ability and willingness to identify goals and to take the actions required to achieve their desired results.

Convenience is one hallmark of ChangeAgents Coaching. All meetings are arranged in advance and usually take place on the telephone so there is no travel time involved. For most clients, the meetings are between a half-hour and forty-five minutes three times a month. The initial meeting to design the coaching relationship can take place in person or on the telephone. It takes about two and a half hours.

Prior to the call, clients decide what outcomes they need most. During the call, the coach and clients co-create an environment that empowers clients to evolve their own Insight~Action~Results Cycle. After the call, clients make choices and follow-up on their plans - often magnifying their impact by making the small changes that matter.

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