Heather Bolton: Bio

Heather is the Founder and Chief Creative of ChangeAgents Inc. As a personal and professional development coach, speaker, writer and educator, she especially loves working with individuals and groups she describes as Achievers, Seekers and Dreamers. Her clients are people with knowledge, ideas, talents, skills and experiences to they want transform into tangible, marketable, intellectual property. The services, products and experiences that Heather is always creating are designed to act as catalysts for her clients to evolve their own Insight~Action~Results Cycle.

When working with clients, she draws on her own substantial personal and professional experiences and qualifications. However, she always remembers that clients hold their own Golden Ring of Success Keys. Heather’s strength is her ability to inspire clients to recognize their right doors, to insert their keys, to turn the tumblers and to step boldly into their ideal place.