ChangeAgents Topics

While Waiting for Enlightenment:
Find your perfect career path

Ride the Horses You’ve Got: Maximize your tangible and intangible assets

Creative Quitting: Letting go with love and panache

Beyond Venn: Elegant tools for thinking about life’s complexities

Field of Diamonds: Find your life’s treasures close to home

There’s Always Money: So what do you want to do about it?

On Being a Practicing Creative: Everyday acts of living from
your art

From Butterfly to Big Bang: Small changes for big Impact

Twisting the Dial: Change your perspective; change your results

Life Time: Use the time you have for the results you want

By My Own Rules: Live your life from values and purpose

Save Yourself from the Jaws of Debt: Financial self-defense techniques

Smart Questions, Smart Answers: The right question is half way to the right answer

You Know It. Now Sell It.: Transform your knowledge into intellectual property